In our research we have identified a number of companies undertaking interesting research or involved with cancer care in some way, they are all worth monitoring or contacting them.   We used a website called Reporting Accounts to do the investigating, what is great is that is shows you a lot of information about each outfit, who owns them, who are their directors and shareholders and the like, plus contact information, names and address, telephone numbers and sometimes a website address also.

Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

Beats Cancer is another and we hope they do!

Beating Bowel Cancer Ltd – another very great name which we hope they do what it says on the tin!

These are all well worth the time to follow and get to understand what the do.  If you need information on other companies in the UK then we recommend you use this service.  What is also good about them is that the service is free so unlike other providers you don’t need to pay to get information they helpfully provide.prostate 2Best of luck with your own research, we know that every little you do, can help to make a difference, please support charities or companies like the ones mentioned about, they are making small steps towards a cure.




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