Revolutionary Attempts to Cure the Curse of Cancer

With each day passing the fear of cancer is expanding uncontrollably just like its roots, which begins from the multiplying growth of the malignant cells without any hindrance and limitations. We have made way to a platform at present where there are hundreds of varieties of cancer are being displayed. If this is not nightmare then what else could be? The secrets of its roots, as well as eradication, are still undefined to the common man. Doctors have been working in this regard for over decades. And it must not be wrong to say that any cure made in this field will be bringing a revolutionary boost in magical science and ultimately human health and awareness.

Before looking into the cures let take a brief account of the genre of cancer:

  • Now that it’s already known that the very first origin of a cancer tumour arises from the uncontrollable formation of malignant cells which are later even capable of getting transferred from one apart of the body to the other through the bloodstream or lymphatic tissues, hence it invades the healthy cells or tissues by ultimately destroying them as well.
  • These cancerous tumours are even capable of making new blood vessels and hence feeding themselves independently not seeking help from other tissues. This process is regarded as angiogenesis.
  • While cancer cells tend to invade various parts of the body altogether, some might be site-specific hence leading to breast, colon, lungs, cervix cancers which is very common among women. In case of men, colon, rectum, lungs, and prostate cancers are the most common one.

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Treatments for Cancer

  • Surgery: At initial stage when the tumour is not that effective and confined to a specific organ or tissue of the body, it can be easily removed through surgery. It is one of the oldest technique for treating cancer. It is basically conducted independently, but sometimes it is also grouped up with some other kind of therapies.
  • Chemotherapy: In this kind of treatment the patient is treated with a dosage of one or more kind of drugs. It is a very stressful therapy which is conducted through quite a period of time, and once the treatment is over, it leaves its mark with the significant side that is generally temporary.
  • Radiation Therapy: Here the patient is treated with laser in the form of x-rays by the doctor. It must be noted that this procedure does not cause any pain. It does have different effects on different people and is conducted on the basis of the type of cancer, the affected area, and its impact. It too sides leaves its mark on the survivor’s general health.
  • Hormone Therapy: They block the path and effect of certain hormones like estrogen that might be capable of causing cancer in the breast. It’s also same in case of prostate cancer. It is not an independent treatment and is often coupled with radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
  • Vaccination: There had been quite a number of procedures going on across the world as a solution against fighting cancer but none of them are completely satisfying and usually leaves a performance with considerable anxiety and side effects during treatment and even in later periods. But in recent time a revolutionary invention has been created in the medical sector to fight cancer with full force through no other mode but vaccination.


1) These vaccines inject antibodies at the site of a tumour leading it to shrink and finally getting destroyed. It’s just like a regular vaccine for any other disease that not only fights the disease with the help of antibodies but also builds immunity against it.

2) It only gets better once you know that they don’t have any sort of side-effects or immense piston which had been already presented through a number of tests, unlike other existing treatments for cancer.

3) These highly functional and effective vaccines are made through some specific parts of RNA which then gets into action after activating dendritic cells. They are fully capable of searching the target site and attacks thereby initiating the immune system to take charge.

4) If this already tested vaccination gets its right to generalized use among cancer patients around the globe, the result will surely be immensely overwhelming. But before that, it definitely needs to pass through a lot number of tests for winning the double tick mark over it.

Cancer is regarded as one of the most vicious and tragic health issues that arise incoherently asking people due to slightest of unawareness. Hence, one must not use some options in order to block its path at very first place like

  • Healthy diet
  • Limited alcohol intake
  • Regular exercise
  • Saying no to tobacco
  • Avoiding excessive sunrays and radiation exposure

Yet, most of the cancers still have their causes anonymous to date. It, therefore, gets more important to be aware of its consequences and regular check-ups.

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