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Vaccine Found By Experts for All Forms of Cancer

It was in the past that cancer had no vaccine, because now, all forms of cancers have vaccines which are free from side-effects to a great extent. Numerous scientists have been working on generating a vaccine for cancer for several ages, and all their hard work has now paid off as now, they have a solution which convinces the body to create tumour attacking antibodies, thus strengthening its immune system.

This universal vaccine programs an individual’s immune system to attack tumours like it attacks viruses, making it possible to completely wipe of any signs of cancer before it has any impact on one’s body. This was initially done by introducing genetic RNA code acquired from cancer cells and inserting them into patients, in advanced stages of cancer. In order to insert the RNA into one’s bloodstream, they were first inserted into very small nanoparticles of fat and were introduced into three patients initially. All three patients’ bodies displayed the same response, and that was to generate cells designed to stack and remove cancer cells from the body.

This method of vaccination was initially introduced in mice, and when researchers observed that rapidly growing tumours in a tiny mouse’s body were being effectively reduced through these cancer fighting agents, they were introduced in humans. These vaccines are neither expensive nor require eons of time to be created, as it is quite easy for scientists to obtain the RNA and create an effective vaccine. As these results have even been published in Science, a popular scientific magazine it is now known throughout the world that cancer has a real vaccine that definitely fights cells creating tumours and spreading cancer.

feature_vaccineThe paper published in this magazine claims that these patients were given low doses of the vaccine initially. This experiment as not conducted to test the strength and working ability of this vaccine, and even after researchers observed the patients’ bodies reacting, they were unsure of its consequences and impact on cancer.

Gradually one of the patients, who had been suspected of having a growing tumour on a lymph node, was observed and it was concluded that after the vaccine had been administered, the tumour visibly reduced in size. A second patient, whose tumour had been removed after certain surgical procedures, was free from all signs of cancer seven months after being administered this vaccine.

The last patient had a total of eight tumours, and due to their rapid growth had managed to spread from the skin to the lungs. All these tumours the paper claimed were stable and were being effectively handled using other medication.

Several pieces of RNA were used to create the vaccine, which works by activating dendritic cells, which are capable of choosing specific targets so that the immune system can readily attack these cells. The strong cells that generally attack all forms of infections in the human body, respond strongly to this targeting process. The medical community is quite thrilled owing to the current findings concerned with cancer immunotherapy.

201504-omag-hope-vaccine-949x534Moreover, this procedure is being used to treat cancer patients who display signs of recurring cancer even after ten or more years of starting treatment. Some forms of cancer including testicular cancer are now being effectively cured using traditional methods. However, some other forms including melanoma, lung cancer and certain forms of neck and brain cancer are difficult to cure completely.

Now, with this vaccine researchers are glad that they can directly insert into the patient’s body through his/her bloodstream and the only side effects resemble mild flu, as opposed to strong impact caused by chemotherapy.

Reputed researchers claim that the three patients have shown positive results and by further development, there is a scope for this vaccine to be implemented on a larger scale. This is definitely a huge step towards a global goal of eradicating cancer.

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